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About  Pangea

​Pangea,  also known as  Pangaea,
​was a supercontinent that existed on Earth around 200 million years ago.

The word "Pangea" comes from the Greek words "pan," meaning "all," and "gaia," meaning "Earth."
Pangea was made up of all the land masses on Earth at the time, which were fused together into a single continent. It is believed that Pangea began to break apart around 180 million years ago

and eventually formed

the continents we know today.

 Our Sustainable Journey

At Pangea, we believe that food should not only taste good but also do good. That's why we are committed to sourcing the freshest and most sustainable seafood and ingredients available. Our story began with a passion for the ocean, and it has evolved into a mission to preserve it.​We are proud to support local fishermen and farmers who share our values of ethical and responsible practices. Our dedication to sustainability extends to every aspect of our restaurant, from our energy-efficient kitchen to our compostable packaging. Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future.


The Pangea Experience

At Pangea, we strive to provide our guests with an unparalleled dining experience. Our menu features a variety of dishes made with the freshest and most sustainable ingredients available, including our signature ocean-to-table seafood.​Our commitment to sustainability extends to our service as well. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through our menu and help you make choices that align with your values. Whether you're joining us for a special occasion or a casual dinner, we look forward to sharing our passion for food and sustainability with you.

- Here at Pangea we would like to introduce you with our brand new re-usable to-go containers!

We strive to maintain a low impact on the environment by implementing our best effort to a zero plastic policy!

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