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Sustainability is at the heart of the new Pangea Terra Table Restaurant

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The Caribbean Sea is not only known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters but also for its abundant marine life. 
Mahi Mahi, also known as Dolphinfish or Dorado, is a vibrant and fast-growing species found in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. With its distinct bright colors, iridescent scales, and impressive size. The fishing season for Mahi Mahi in the Caribbean typically peaks from late spring through early fall.
Renowned for its speed and tenacity, Wahoo is a thrilling game fish that resides in the Caribbean's deep waters.
The peak fishing season for Wahoo in the Caribbean Sea generally spans from fall to early spring, 
The Caribbean Sea is home to several tuna species, including Yellowfin, Black-fin, and Skipjack.
These migratory fish are known for their strength, speed, and excellent table fare.
Tuna fishing season in the Caribbean typically occurs year-round,
with peak periods varying depending on the specific tuna species and location. 
Preserving the marine ecosystem and ensuring the long-term sustainability of these prized species is of utmost importance.
In the Caribbean, responsible fishing practices are being promoted to maintain healthy fish populations.
This includes adhering to catch limits, practicing catch-and-release when appropriate, and using non-destructive fishing gear.
Additionally, local fishing regulations are in place to safeguard breeding grounds and protect vulnerable fish stocks,
ensuring that future generations can also enjoy the bounties of the Caribbean Sea.
Several organizations and initiatives are actively working to conserve and protect the marine life in the Caribbean.
Collaborative efforts between fishermen, researchers, and government bodies focus on data collection, habitat preservation, and sustainable fishing practices. These initiatives help maintain the delicate balance of the ecosystem, promote responsible fishing, and ensure the availability of
Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna for future generations.
The fishing season for Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna in the Caribbean Sea offers anglers and seafood enthusiasts an extraordinary opportunity to experience the thrill of the chase and indulge in the flavors of these delectable species.

PANGEA is strongly supportive of commitment to sustainable fishing practices and conservation efforts, the Caribbean region strives to preserve the natural abundance of its marine ecosystem.
In addition to our local fresh catch, Pangea has always sourced the highest quality salmon from the North Atlantic.
We are featuring  Faroese Salmon. Farm- raised in the pristine waters of these remote islands,
this salmon is free of antibiotics and has a clean, buttery taste.
PANGEA proudly shares the same commitment  to sustainability as the Faroe Islands
and we welcome our beautiful island community to try this amazing product!!!
Chef tip- order the poke (raw preparation) or seared in our cast iron skillet.. the crispy skin tastes like bacon!!!
👉🏽 by the way salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet- containing high levels of protein,
minerals like selenium,  and Omega 3’s which are vital to heart and brain health.

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